Alpine Resort 


         ​Due to medical issues Alpine Resort is permanently closed.

                                                       GENERAL INFORMATION

                                               WELCOME TO ALPINE RESORT

We’re happy to have the opportunity to tell you about ALPINE RESORT.  You have to try it yourself if you are to appreciate the fun of running around in the sun in your bare skin.  Meanwhile we’ll try to tell you what to expect.  You’ll find that nudists come in all sizes, shapes, ages, and in both sexes. Some have a lot of athletic ability – other can’t chew gum and walk at the same time.  In short, they’re ordinary everyday people.  Except, when the weather is appropriate, they don’t wear clothes.  They do the same things anyone else does at a “summer place” or on a picnic except they do it naked.  They’ve found, as most people with specific interests, that it’s more fun to do that which you enjoy in the company of others with similar likes, than it is when you go it alone.  So, they have formed an organization, a club, a resort.


Alpine Resort is owned and directed by Bill and Ellie Martin of Northfield, Ohio.  It is, basically, a family/couples oriented facility.  Singles are somewhat limited, but by no means excluded.  Alpine is affiliated with American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR.ORG), a world wide nudist association, and is dedicated to the goal of a healthy mind in a healthy body and to the essential wholesomeness of the human body, without regard to a person’s religious or political beliefs. 


The grounds are located on 70 acres of gorgeous, rustic wooded hills surrounding a sheltered, spring-fed valley near Millersburg, Ohio.  Our swimming pool is fed by natural springs.  The potable water supply comes from a newly dug deep well.  It has been tested and approved for human consumption by the State of Ohio.


In this climate, it is generally warm between April and October.  This will vary, according to the kind of summer we’re having.  If you’d like to visit on what you feel to be a doubtful day, contact Alpine Resort.  They’ll let you know if anyone will be there to show you around.


Swimming, loafing, soaking up sunshine (consider girls, the charm of not having stripes in your suntan) or volleyball.  About volleyball – nobody’s really sure why it is the BIG GAME at all nudist parks.  We’re not either.  But it may be that (1) anyone can play volleyball to some extent (even the person who can’t chew gum and walk at the same time). (2) A relatively small number of people can get a game together. (3) The investment for the club owner is low both in terms of land allotted and cost of equipment (4) We already have the land and the equipment. (5) It keeps the members from running around stealing hubcaps.  Anyway, having dealt with volleyball, there’s horseshoes, hiking, fishing, and playing games – as we said, all the things you might do at a picnic or your “summer place”.  We have scheduled events too.  In warm weather there are potlucks, karaoke, etc.  In winter its parties and other gatherings.  Some at Alpine, some at member’s homes.  Suggestions are always welcomed.